CLHU 415/515, HIST 415/515, ANTH 414/515, ENGL 492/592
Women in Antiquity
Spring 2006

3 credits


Dr. Judith Lynn Sebesta East Hall 204
677-5218 e-mail: jsebesta@usd.
Office Hours: 11-noon MTWTF

This course examines women's place(s) in three civilizations, ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. What position(s) did women have in these societies? Were these positions static? What image(s) of women did the literatures present? To what extent are these literary images consonant with what (we think) we know about women's lives?
To the extent possible for each civilization, we will look at women in various forms of literature and art, their position in society and law, marriage, and health.


This content of this course contains language, images and subject matters which pertain to nudity, sexuality, reproduction and the like. Students are expected to be able to discuss these in an adult manner. Ancient attitudes towards such matters can differ greatly with current ideas about acceptable gender roles and sexual behavior. The intent of this course is to learn about ancient society and not to debate current ideas about acceptable gender roles and sexual behavior.

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