Notes to Ulpian, Digest 23.2.43

I.e., Digesta Iustiniani XXIII.2.43.6-9: Ulpianus libro primo ad legem Iuliam et Papiam. Digesta or Pandectae (in force 30 December 533 CE) is the name given by Emperor Justinian to the main part of his total codification of Roman law (Corpus Iuris Civilis). It is a compilation of passages collected from the legal commentaries and rulings of classical jurists (almost wholly from authors between 100-250 CE), notably Ulpian (fl. 3rd century CE), one of the last great Roman jurists.

lenocinium, -i n.
the trade of a pander, pimping, pandering.

minus: understand facinus,-oris n.
infamy, crime, grave wrong.

quaestus, -us
profit, occupation.

exerceo, -ere, -cui, -itum
follow, carry on (an occupation), practice.

lena, -ae f.
procuress, seductress.

quaestuarius, -a, -um
of/belonging to gain, money-making, mercenary; with mulieres = prostitutes for hire..

prostituo, -ere, -stiti, ---
offer for sale; prostitute.

accipio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptum
take as, treat.

et adverb
also, too.

alterius: understand vitae genus

genus, -eris n.
kind, class; birth.

qui, quae, quod relative pronoun; after si, nisi, num, or ne, quis = aliquis.

caupona, -ae f.
inn, shop. Click on SPQR beside the line to view the remains of the large brick Thermopolion Diana (Hadrianic, 117-138 CE) near the forum in Ostia. This prosperous fast-food shop had three doorways, stone benches, mosaic sidewalk, frescoed shop signs, a hot food and drink counter with intact stone basins; internal mosaic flooring, marble wall shelves, arched ceilings, an embedded storage jar; rear courtyard with fountain, outside seating, entry to cellar stairs.

multae: note the gender of this substantive.

adsoleo, -ere, --- + complementary infinitive
be accustomed.

praetextus, -us m.
pretext, ploy, ruse.

instrumentum, -i n.
staff; tool; equipment.

cauponius, -a, -um
of the inn. Unlike other types of food and drink establishments (tabernae, popinae), the caupona offered overnight hospitality (also hospitia, stabulae). Click on SPQR beside the line to view a cross-section of a model of a food shop on the first floor and sleeping rooms above (reconstruction of a shop beside the Tiber in Roman London, c. 100 CE).

dicendum [est]: passive periphrastic construction used impersonally.

hanc: the antecedent is qua above.

appellatio, -onis f.
title; class, category.

contineo, -ere, -tinui, -tentum
include, contain.

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