The Matrona of Ephesus

Part II. Quiz: Text & Image

 matrona & soldier

Instructions to Students:

On a separate sheet you will find a series of quotes from Petronius' recounting of the tale of the matron of Ephesus. For each quote, you are to assess whether or not it would make a good caption for or description of the above image.
Included in your answer must be at least two components:

  1. a summary of the quote and its context within the Matron story
  2. a brief discussion of how the quote does or does not relate or connect to the above image.

Note that credit will be awarded on the basis of the accuracy of your summary of the quote and the strength of your discussion; there can be different correct answers for the same quote. The quotes are in no particular order.
Click here for the notes sheet on which you can rough out answers and take notes; print a duplicate copy of the sheet and mark it as your answer sheet, where you will record your final answers. Only answers written on the answer sheet will be counted.

Submitted by Edmund DeHoratius
December 2007
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