Notes to Livy, AUC 4.44

idem, eadem, idem pronoun
the same; modifies anno (420 BCE).
vestalis, -e
of/belonging to Vesta; the adjective modifies virgo, in apposition with Postumia.
incestus, -us m.
unchastity, sexual impurity; ablative following the preposition de.
causa, -ae f.
reason; cause; together with dico = be on trial for, plead a case, make a defense. Postumia is the subject of the main verb of the sentence. It is not clear if or how or where Vestals were able to defend themselves from this charge, but Livy attests to her successful self-defense.
crimen, -inis n.
charge; crime; ablative of separation after innoxia.
innoxius, -a, -um
innocent, harmless; modifies Postumia, subject of the sentence. Her innocence is qualified by the following phrase: ab suspicione . . . parum abhorrens.
suspicio, -onis f.
mistrust, suspicion; ablative after ab, anticipating parum abhorrens at the end of the sentence.
propter preposition + accusative
on account of; governs cultum and ingenium.
cultus, -us m.
attire; style; object of propter.
amoenus, -a, -um
delightful, attractive; comparative form modifying cultum, followed by quam.
ingenium, -i n.
nature, character; object of propter.
liber, -era, -erum
free; bold; comparative form modifying ingenium, followed by quam.
decet -ere, -uit impersonal verb
be proper, right, fitting for; followed by the accusative virginem.
parum adverb
too little; scarcely; it modifies abhorrens.
abhorreo, -ere, -ui
be free from; shrink from; present participle modifying Postumia.
amplio (1)
defer/reserve judgment on, postpone the trial of; the perfect passive participle modifies eam (Postumia), who is now the object of the sentence following iussit.
deinde adverb
then, next.
absolvo, -ere, -vi, -utum
acquit, set free; perfect passive participle modifying eam.
pro preposition + ablative
on behalf of; according to; the object is sententia.
collegium, -i n.
college, i.e., collegium pontificum, the college of priests.
pontifex, -ficis m.f.
priest; the pontifex maximus is the subject of the verb iussit. As head of the College of Priests, he was the highest priest in Rome, responsible for a number of cults, among them the Vestals, near whose residence he had his office, the Regia. Click on the SPQR for an image of Augustus as Pontifex Maximus.
abstineo, -ere, -ui, -tentum
refrain from; complimentary infinitive after iussit, followed by the ablative of separation.
iocus, -i m.
joke, jest; ablative after abstineo. Postumia was probably a lively young woman; this court of pontiffs tolerated what they accepted as a feminine impulse toward finery and flippancy, but Minucia in 337 BCE would be condemned for it.
colo, -ere, -ui, cultum
adorn; translate as a middle or reflexive voice. Postumia somehow found a way to make the matronly Vestal attire more attractive.
sancte adverb
chastely, piously.
potis, pote
preferable, able, better; comparative adverb followed by the comparison quam scite.
scite adverb
smartly, tastefully.

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