Websites and Reference Tools: There is a lot of junk out on the web, that is, unvetted and unverified information. Below are reliable websites with reliable links.

On-line (in English) Dictionary of Roman Antiquities (a little out of date, but very useful generally). The topic entries are a Latin word, so if you don't know the Latin word for, say, dowry, please contact me.


For bibliographical searches for your nine annotated articles on women in Greece and Rome, nothing can beat L'Anneé philologique available on-line from Weeks Library link of Databases. Click on "search" and use "other criteria" on the next page that shows. You can search in English. L'Anneé covers all classical articles and books published world-wide and though many are in other languages, you will find plenty in English. Once your search has been completed, click on "read the total" and a list with brief descriptions of each article will show up. A key to the journal abbreviations is given at

There is a lot of junk out on the web. Use only reliable web sources. In fact, restrict your web resources to the following sites. They provide many vetted links. If you need further sites, I will help you. is THE site for women and gender in the ancient world (including Egypt). Explore this site for images, translated texts, articles and more. is an on-line source for Lefkowitz and Fant, Women's Life in Greece and Rome is the digital library for Greece and Rome, providing images, maps, translated texts, dictionary of antiquities and more. VRoma provides many images. Go on, be a Roman! is a web page on ancient law in Egypt, Greece and Rome Abzu, electronic ancient texts and electonic books. is the search site for Etana. Gregory Reeder is a contributing editor to KMT, one of the leader egyptological journals. Scroll down his page for image, article, and bibliography links. Egyptology presents the best links to ancient Egypt on the web.

The site History of Ancient Egyptian Medicine contains links to various articles andsites on medicine and mummies and more.

Wives and Maternity Care in the Roman World: an essay by Valerie French

On-line site in English on Roman Women: Feminae: Romanae

On-line with good images of the Roman house.