Curse on Ticene

Folded, pierced with a nail, placed in a human skull with a female figurine,
the tablet was buried in a tomb made of clay tiles
(found August 1879, near Minturnae amphitheater)

curse: Ticene

CIL 10.8249

transcription with corrections by A. Mau (CIL.10.2:983) [brackets mine]

Dii inferi, vobis commendo, si quicquam san-
ctitatis habetis, ac trado Ticene (=Tychenem/Tychen)
Carisi, quodquod agat, quod incidant
omnia in adversa. Dii inferi, vobis
commendo illius membra, colorem,
figuram, caput, capillos, umbram, cerebrum,
fr[o]ntem, supercilia, os, nasum,
mentum, bucas, labra, verba, halitum,
collum, iocur, umeros, cor, pulmones,
intestina, ventrem, brachia, digit-
os, manus, umbilicum, vesicam, femina,
genua, crura, talos, plantas,
Dii inferi, si illam videro tabescentem,
vobis sacrificium lubens ob ann[i]-
versarium facere di[e]bus par-
entibus illius voveo (?) . . .
peculium (?) tabescas.

Gods of the Underworld, to you I entrust, if any
sanction you have, and hand over Tyche/ne
from Caria, that whatever she does,
all things fall out badly. Gods
of the Underworld, to you
I entrust her limbs, color,
shape, head, hair, shadow, brain,
forehead, eyebrows, mouth, nose,
mind, cheeks, lips, words, breath,
neck, liver, shoulders, heart, lungs,
intestines, stomach, arms, fingers,
hands, navel, bladder, thighs,
knees, legs, ankles, soles, toes.
Gods of the Underworld, if I see her wasting away,
willingly I vow to make to you a
sacrifice in commemoration of the anniversary
?on the days for her ancestors (?). . . . .