Notes to Valerius Maximus, Memorabilia 4.4

ornamentum, -i n.
object used for adornment; jewel; badge of distinction.
esse: infinitive in an indirect statement; subject is liberos.
cum . . . ostenderet: subjunctive verb in a circumstantial clause, describing the general circumstances of a situation rather than a precise time.
Campanus, -a, -um
of Campania , the region of Italy south of Rome and extending to the Bay of Naples; this refers to a female friend who was visiting Cornelia.
apud preposition + accusative
at the house of.
ille, -a, -ud
that one; he, she, it (refers to Cornelia).
hospita, -ae f.
guest; friend (in apposition with matrona).
saeculum, -i n.
period; age (a reference to the way jewelry styles change with the times).
ostendo, -ere, -ostendi, ostentum
show, display; exhibit.
traho, -here, traxi, tractum
draw out; keep occupied (subject is Cornelia).
sermo, -onis m.
speech, conversation (ablative of means).
donec conjunction
until (takes a subjunctive verb when it suggests a purpose as well as time).
redeo, -ire, -ii/-ivi, -itum
come back, return.
haec: neuter plural in agreement with ornamenta even though it refers to her children.