Notes to Eumachia Inscription ILS 6368

sacerdos, -dotis, m. f.
priestess, priest

fullo, fullonis, m.
fuller; one who dyes and cleans clothing; supply dedicaverunt.

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Notes to Eumachia Dedication ILS 3785

chalcidicum, -i, n.
a portico or porch; a Greek word. Eumachia refers to the portion of the Forum colonnade in front of her building which served as a kind of vestibule to the entrance.

crypta, -ae f. covered walkway, arcade. One of the three building components of the complex, this section was divided from the portico surrounding the open courtyard by a brick wall with large windows that permitted a view into the courtyard.

porticus, -us, f.
a covered walk whose roof was supported by columns; portico. This is the third of three accusative plurals that are the object of fecit.

augustus, -a, -um
solumn; majestic; worthy of honor. This adjective, awarded as an honorific to Octavian in 27 BCE by a grateful Senate, soon became his name. Here it is best understood as both adjective and epithet, given Eumachia's efforts to link herself with Rome.

pietas, -tatis, f.
dutifulness; respect. Supply et; its absence links augustae to both nouns.

pequnia = pecunia, -ae, f.
In the Latin vulgate the letter q was sometimes used in place of c.

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